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samedi 13 avril 2019

A - Z : L = Log Cabin

En patchwork, le Log Cabin est un des blocs traditionnels le plus connu et le plus aimé.
The Log Cabin quilt block is one of the most well-known and beloved of traditional quilt designs.

Photo Patch and Dot

Un motif dans lequel des bandes de tissu étroites entourent un carré central pour former un bloc. Les bandes peuvent être piécées, ou cousues sur un support en papier ou en tissu.

A quilt pattern in which narrow fabric strips surround a central square to form a block. These may be pieced from strips or sewn onto a foundation of paper or fabric.

Photo Christine Feldstein

Aux Etats-Unis, le modèle traditionnel comprend généralement un carré central rouge, qui symbolise le foyer d’une maison, ou un centre jaune pour une lumière accueillante à la fenêtre. Une moitié du bloc utilise des tissus clairs pour représenter le côté ensoleillé de la maison, et à l'opposé des tissus sombres pour le côté ombragé.
Ce bloc est souvent associé au mouvement pionnier des années 1800 aux États-Unis, cependant des motifs similaires ont été trouvés sur des momies égyptiennes anciennes et dans un quilt anglais antérieur à 1830.

Traditional log cabin block typically use a red center square, meant to symbolize the hearth of a home, or a yellow center for a welcoming light in the window. One half is made of light fabrics for the sunny side of the house and dark values on the opposite side for the shady side.
These blocks are often associated with the pioneer movement of the 1800s in United States. However, similar designs have been found on ancient Egyptian mummies and in an English quilt predating 1830.

Photo Momsobsession

Comment faire :

How to:

Le Log Cabin se construit indifféremment dans le sens des aiguilles d'une montre, ou dans l'autre. Commencer par assembler le carré du centre au carré qui sera à côté (1 et 2). Ajouter un rectangle de la même longueur que ces 2 carrés ensemble (3). Puis tourner autour de ce centre en ajoutant des rectangles à une extrémité (4, puis 5, 6, etc.) jusqu'à obtenir la largeur du bloc désirée.

The Log Cabin block is built clockwise or counterclockwise. Start by assembling the square from the centre to the square next to it (1 and 2). Add a rectangle the same length as these two squares together (3). Then turn around this center adding rectangles at one end (4, then 5, 6, etc.) until you get the desired width for the block.

Photo Janet Wickell

Variations du Log Cabin :

Variation on a Log Cabin quilt block:

Photo Julie Baird

Photo Julie Baird

Exemples :


Photo Springville Museum of Art Quilt Show

Photo Pomada

Photo Donna

Photo isathreadsoflife

Photo JoAnn Belling

Photo Judy Martin

Photo Mandy Munroe

Photo Brigitte Morgenroth

Photo u/InterestedTurkey

Photo Carrément Crazy

Mon challenge A to Z / My AtoZ Challenge

19 commentaires:

  1. Hi Frederique! I noticed you came by for the letter L already. It's 2:54 in the morning here and I can't sleep so.... here I am :) tu as de belles couettes! For some reason I am most pleased with Julie Baird pineapple quilt block. I like the colour purple and white together. The second one I like is Brigitte Morgenroth. That one is so nice reminding me of ocean waves. Oh the snowman and log cabin is such a work of art that I would want it hanging on the wall. Very nice. Jackie's Bookbytes Letter L

    1. I had never seen that tapestry of Game of Thrones before. Wow, it is amazing! Thanks for sharing the link. I saved it :) For anyone else wonderin what it is here is the direct link

  2. What a lovely collection of log cabin layouts you've found. I especially like those of isathreadsoflife, of Mandy Munroe and of Brigitte Morgenroth. I hope you don't mind if I post this on my Pinterest Log Cabin board.

    1. You are welcome to do so, Marly! As far as the name of the quilters is mentioned, I think it's great to share their work!

  3. You gave some very beautiful examples. My favorite is the red offset barn raising one. I have done only a few small projects with log cabin, I should do more(someday).

  4. I love the log cabin block - there are so many things you can do with them! Thanks for all the inspiration!

  5. Le log cabin a une infinité de possibilités, en traditionnel comme en moderne, c'est magique!

  6. The quilting patchwork pieces are beautiful and unique. In North India , people do make quilts at home but in a slightly different pattern. It is nice to know designs of other countries.

  7. Thank you for putting together a lovely selection of Log Cabin quilts to share.

  8. Very nice selection of variations! Log cabin blocks are so much fun to play with - so many effects and designs can be made!

  9. What a fabulous collection of Log Cabin quilt photos!! Thanks for sharing.

  10. le log cabin est un de mes préférés,

  11. What a nice summary of the log cabin options. This block has been on my to do list, but I just can't seem to get that far down the list.

  12. All of them are gorgeous, but I love the red design the most :)

    The Multicolored Diary

  13. The photos in this really show all the varieties one can have with one theme! Thanks so much for sharing this. I've never seen some variations shown here and love the colors...

  14. There's a version of log cabin for knitting afghans as well. It's a very versitile technique.

  15. I love the variations of this pattern. I also like the more subdued color of the chimneys.


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