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A - Z : O = Organization

Faire du patchwork et du quilting nécessite pas mal de matériel, et c'est une bonne idée de bien ranger son espace créatif.
Quilting is an art that takes lots of equipment, and it's great to get your creative space organized.

Rangement des tissus :
Fabric storage:

Rangement des fils :
Thread storage:

Rangement des règles et tapis de coupe :
Rulers and mat storage:

Astuces de rangement :
Storage tips:


Et vous, comment est votre studio créatif : bien rangé, ou c'est le joyeux bazar ?
Is your creative space tidy, or is a huge mess?

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  1. Your organising skills are excellent. The thread ke-t in proper various ways make work easy. What do you use the quilts for?

  2. Thank you Kalpana! I don't really use quilts, as I give all of them ;)

  3. You are right. Keeping the place planned and tidy makes a huge impact on your creativity.

    1. I know some creative minds need to have a mess around them, I'm not this kind ;)

  4. Astoundingly creative. The way each piece is organized is amazing. I can only imagine :)

  5. Yes I like being organized. Everything has its place.

  6. J'adore organisation! I don't quilt but I do organize my books. I'm using the challenge to clean off my shelves and reorganize them as they've gotten messy. See what I'm obsessed with at Girl Who Reads

  7. Oh yes, keeping everything organized can be so hard.

  8. Have you made the cord bunnies? Too adorable!!
    Stephanie Finnell
    @randallbychance from
    Katy Trail Creations

  9. I try to keep my space tidy. Just went through a cleanup after a big project, which makes it easier to breathe!

  10. What a great collection of resources! Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.


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