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A - Z : E = Embellishment, Embellissement

Embellir un quilt signifie attacher des éléments, textiles et non-textiles, sur le top. C'est une façon d'ajouter une autre couche de texture, de la dimension et de l’intérêt à un projet.
Embellishing a quilt means adding elements, both fabric and non-fabric, to the surface of a quilt. It is a way for quilters to add another layer of texture, dimension and interest to a piece.

Presque tout peut servir à embellir un quilt, et voici une liste de ce qui est le plus souvent utilisé :
Almost anything can be used as a quilt embellishment, but here is a list of some of the more common ones used:


photo Tami Levin


Perles / Beads


photo Chris Tait


photo Claudia Mitchell

Tissu en relief
Dimensional fabric



photo Karen Cattoire

Broderie décorative
Decorative hand stitching



  1. I like the beads and the charms on the quilt. I never thought to use them but it looks beautiful. I learnt how to make pinwheels once to attach to pillow cushions. Don't ask me how to make them again, I forgot. I came earlier but you didn't have your post up yet. Ya, I was up early today :) Have a great day!

  2. Hi Frederique! Oh, I love those buttons and even more, the beads. I've never really embellished a quilt other than with pieces of fabric for a baby to pull and chew on. What a fun post! ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. All of your examples look so beautiful.

  4. Something quilting and knitting have in common...

  5. j'aime beaucoup embellir un patch,je vois ainsi les différentes possibilités
    Passe un bon week end

  6. Thank you for reminding me to embellish! Sequins, beads, embroidery stitching and silk ribbon flowers I have used in the past too, but only in crazy quilting. I must try embellishing decorative quilts more. I had forgotten about it!

  7. Wow! What a lot of gorgeous ideas! That beadwork is especially wonderful!

  8. What an interesting post. Thank you for linking up to the Peacock Party.


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