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mardi 26 août 2008

Antique quilting designs

Benvin, Roberta. Antique quilting designs. Paducah, Kentucky : American Quilter's Society, c2001.

Vous trouverez 100 motifs de quilting des années 1835 à 1850, notamment des couronnes de plumes, des modèles de folk art, et de nombreux autres thèmes qui inspireront vos propres quilts. Le quilting de 7 quilts anciens est également étudié.

This book features 100 antique quilting patterns from mid-1800s quilts. Includes feathered and scalloped wreaths, folk art designs, full-size medallion patterns, and more. 7 historical quilts are studied with focus on traditional quilting, and this book is a valuable source offering a variety of authentic quilting themes to choose from, for your own quilt.