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A - Z : X = X & +

Il y a une telle multitude de blocs de quilting que oui bien sûr, il en existe un en forme de X !
There are so many existing quilt blocks, yes of course, one of them is an X!

Photo Janet Wickell

Déjà dans les années 1930-40 un quilt reprenait ce motif :
An antique quilt from 1930s-40s was featuring this pattern:

Smithsonian American Art Museum

"Calins et bisous" : blocs X et O
"Hugs and Kisses": X's and O's quilt blocks

Ce bloc traditionnel a plusieurs nom, mais récemment, il est devenu connu sous le nom de X et O, autrement dit calins et bisous en anglais (hugs and kisses). Pourquoi ? Parce que ces 2 blocs sont en fait le même, et selon leur disposition, un X ou un O apparaîtront alors.

One of the traditional names of this quilt block is Paths to Piece, but in recent years it's become know as X's and O's - in other words, hugs and kisses. Why? Because depending on how the quilt blocks are sewn together, one or both of those letters will emerge in the design.

Photos Jill Finley

Kisses & Hugs Baby Quilt

Photo Corey

Bloc japonais X et +
Japanese X and + quilt block

Ce bloc est devenu très populaire sous le nom de "X japonais", quand Setsuko Inagawa a exposé son quilt au Festival de Tokyo, en 2011.

This old Spool Block has become popular as "Japanese X" because of a quilt exhibited in Tokyo Quilt Festival by Setsuko Inagawa in 2011.

Photo Christine Barnes


  1. So clever. I like Little Miss Shabby's and the Japanese quilts because the X and O are not as obvious. It's fun to work at finding them.

  2. love the X block so many ways that can be done and I have made a couple of those

  3. I love the last picture! I adore colorful things like that :) I bet it took some planning!

    The Multicolored Diary

  4. Thanks for sharing such eXcellent examples!!

  5. The best thing about sewing, knitting, crafting? X posts are very easy. Just find the X pattern. There will be multiple.

    1. The easiest pattern, for sure! Great to find it in all the crafts, like a link ;)

  6. Gorgeous variations! Thanks for sharing and I'm looking forward to seeing what you make!

  7. The Japanese X and + is a real eye dazzler. Just my kind of quilt pattern!

  8. Those are some wonderful variations. Thanks for sharing!

  9. I like those X and O quilts - the blocks are so easy to make and the designs are interesting! The Japanese X and + is really neat!

  10. I like the Kisses & Hugs Baby Quilt, however, I can see how the pattern works nicely in the Japanese X.

  11. The baby quilt is so pretty. I feel i should own most of the colourful quilts.

  12. Enjoyed figuring the X and Os in the different placement of the blocks. Very clever. Stopping by from the #AtoZChallenge Road Trip!(Linda)

  13. Beautiful! I love the Lat one because it is so colorful. The baby quilt is sweet, too! I'm visiting from A to Z Road Trip.

  14. I’ve never seen this pattern - love it! I have two of my grandmother - the flower garden and wedding ring. She quilted by seeing and copying - couldn’t read or follow a pattern but she could look at it and then copy.


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