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A - Z : S = Stash, Stock

La collection de tissus personnelle d'une quilteuse. Acheter de nouveaux tissus c'est ajouter à son stock.
A quilter's personal collection of fabrics. Buying more fabric is adding to your stash.

Photo  Sew Fun by Monique

Le stock d'une quilteuse est souvent constitué de tissus et d'embellissements qui n'ont pas été achetés pour un projet particulier. La plupart sont des coups de coeur, et ces tissus sont ainsi achetés en se disant qu'ils serviront bien un jour pour un projet (reste à déterminer lequel !).
Ou le stock peut aussi être constitué de restes de tissus, des chutes de projets terminés.

A quilter's stash is usually comprised of fabrics and embellishments that have not been purchased for a specific project. These might be just fabrics that you fall in love with in the store and know you will use at a later date for some project (it's just to be determined what the project will be). Or, your stash may be the result of leftovers from projects you or a friend have completed.

Photo Fabric Therapy

Comment constituer un stock de tissus
How to build a fabric stash

Pour les débutants, la difficulté est parfois de se constituer un "bon" stock de tissus. Voici quelques astuces :
For beginners, it can be difficult to build a"right" fabric stash. Here are some tips:

Sew Kind of Wonderful

Chatterbox Quilts

Photo Quilting Digest

Mais attention aux excès !
But be careful not to over-buy!

Photo Hobbycraft


  1. Preparing quilt is hard work and the posts shows it.

    The stock stored is so huge.

  2. Hello, I hope you had a good Easter Sunday and you're up late! I used to have some nice fabric I got when I was in Zaire. I wonder what happened to it? Anyway ya, Jon Snow knows how to wield his sword but he's tired of fighting. I just saw episode 2 and I wonder what will happen to everybody at Winterfell *gasps*

    1. Oh no please Jackie, no spoiler!! ;-)) Can't wait to see #2...

  3. I guess it must be easy to over-buy - you spot something and buy it because it's irresistible then it just sits there!

    My A-Z of Children's Stories

  4. Love all of those stash pictures... Looking at Monique's stash I see why I get irritated with mine: hers are light and bright and mine -- aren't. I keep trying to buy more light and bright but really, I don't need to buy anymore for a while! Thanks for sharing these photos -- lots of inspiration there.

  5. Wow those are huge stashes! And nicely organized.

  6. So much pretty fabric! I have a stash for yarn, because I crochet a lot. Sometimes I need to buy new boxes as the stash expands...

    The Multicolored Diary

  7. It's a hard work and art, the soul that an artist puts into his masterpiece. Lovely collection

  8. Haha! Don't over buy! Is that even possible? Beautiful ideas, again. My quilting friend has a big walk in closet filled with her stock! I love to go there and see it as it's so colorful...

  9. Wow! the stashes are massive and massively pretty! Looks like a painter's shade card they way some of them are organised...beautiful.

  10. What a great choice of photos to talk about a Fabric Stash. Thanks for the 'don't over buy' tip. I should have had someone share that tip years ago...too late now.
    signed: Fabricaholic Forever
    Sue at CollectInTexas Gal

  11. Uh huh. We have this in knitting, too. The yarn stash. These can get unwieldy...

  12. You know you have a reputation for fabric stashing when people ask if you want theirs. lol And I gladly take them up on it :) someone has to save it from the trash right?!
    Stephanie Finnell
    @randallbychance from
    Katy Trail Creations

  13. The A-Z blogging challenge is new to me! I will explore your previous posts and go back to see what other bloggers write about. I appreciate the side-by-side francais and English so I can practice my very rusty French.

  14. And this is what makes quilting such a dangerous obsession. But isn't it fun seeing all those colors and patterns arranged so neatly?

  15. Those shelves of fabric remind me a lot of my own "stash" of drawing supplies. I really love seeing a nice, orderly rainbow of matterials like that.


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