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A - Z : J = Jewelry gemstone / Bijoux

MJ Kinman fabrique les plus gros diamants du monde !
MJ Kinman makes the biggest diamonds in the world! 


Elle maîtrise l'art de reproduire avec du tissu les couleurs et les facettes de diamants et autres pierres précieuses.

She has mastered expressing the beautiful colors and facets of diamonds and other gemstones in fabric.


Angel's Share

I’d Rather Have Roses On My Table Than Diamonds On My Neck



Devils Due



Oui, ce sont des quilts ! Beaucoup de petites pièces ! Mais le rendu est assez fabuleux.
Yes, these are quilts! A lot of tiny pieces! But the result is quite amazing.

MJ Kinman

Site :

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I love gemstones and I love quilts. Some of these could be photos! Lovely!

The Multicolored Diary
Nilanjana Bose a dit…
Just mind-blowing - the concept and the execution also!
They almost sparkle! How lovely.

J is for ...
Arti a dit…
Dazzled by this stunning display. Love the Devil's due.
Jai a dit…
Diamonds and gem stones on fabric. The designs are simply fabulous! Exquisite!
Srivalli Rekha a dit…
Wow!! Such talent! I'm speechless.
Rebecca Grace a dit…
Those are simply stunning! I especially love all of the colors reflected in "Devil's Due." And now I have an off-topic question for you. I like to read your blog first in French to exercise my brain and my tongue, since I studied French long ago and do not often get a chance to practice speaking it. Then I read the English to see how much I understood, and to learn what the unfamiliar words meant. My question is, I would like to know how French speakers pronounce the word "quilts" when you're using it in a French sentence. Do you still say it like "kwilltz" the way it's pronounced in English? Or is it like "keelt" or "keeltz"? This is very important for me to learn, so the next time I visit France I will know how to ask people "Ou se trouve des quilts?" ;-)
Chantal a dit…
Oh la! Tu déniches des pièces spectaculaires. WOW! Elle sait travailler les couleurs à son avantage. Superbe. J'ai beaucoup aimé. ;^)
Kathe W. a dit…
Such incredible attention to detail! Thanks for sharing all these wonderful fabric artists! Cheers and take care!
Tamara a dit…
What an artist MJ Kinman is! Simply stunning, and indeed they are bijoux!
Happy Weekend :-)

My J is about Switzerland's Justice System:
Those are such intricate quilts and the resulting look is amazing. Weekends In Maine
Hi Rebecca, I hope then my English is not too bad... I may not pronouncing "quilt" the right way in French, because I learned to quilt in Hawaii, then British Columbia, Canada. So I still say it in the US way. And it's also the Latin pronounciation, as in the earlier time quilt was use in France, meaning "couette", coverlet.
French people pronounced quilt as you think, "keelt" (don't pronounce "s" even if there are several of them) but mostly they will use the word "patchwork". Quilt stores are "magasins de tissus pour patchwork".
Please let me know when you will come in France!
Take care and stay safe
Jade Li a dit…
These are so glittery and pretty. I'd love to see her do one in pink and call it the Pink Panther :)
She made a pink one, but it's called Pink Tourmaline ;))
The Dream Girl a dit…
All that glitters..

J is for Jeopardy
Liz A. a dit…
It took me a minute to figure out those weren't closeups of gems but actual quilts. What an interesting technique.
Rob Z Tobor a dit…
OOooooooo that is very clever indeed . . . . DAMN there are some skilled folk about.
Dena Pawling a dit…
Love the Roses on my Table one. Lovely.
Trudy a dit…
Those quilts are amazing!!! I can hardly take my eyes off them. When I saw the title for your post, I initially thought it would be quilts with jewels sewn on... I had no idea someone could create such magnificent gems from fabric! Magical.
Anstice Brown a dit…
Wow, these are incredible. I can't believe they are quilts!
Romi a dit…
These works are GORGEOUS!
Dipali Bhasin a dit…
I am not sure whether I read your post the first time. I was so fascinated with the brilliancy in quilt making that I forgot. They really seem to have the sparkle as a real diamond. Amazing!
Sati Chock a dit…
Wow! Her designs are exquisite. Thank you for sharing them.
oui, cette artiste est terrible!! merci de nous la remettre à l'honneur!!
James Pailly a dit…
Wow, those really are large diamonds! All these quilts you've been showing us have really opened my eyes. I had no idea so much could be done with quilting.
Yes, that's totally my goal, showing that quilting is not just the traditional quilts used to be seen ;) They are beautiful too of course, but the only textile form of expression.
Anne E.G. Nydam a dit…
These are fascinating -- and facet-ating, ha ha!
(Click the Blog link on the second row) : K is for Kittens
Amazing technique and use of colour!

An A-Z of Faerie: Dagda
Alexandra Heep a dit…
I love gemstones, and these quilts are fantastic. I make jewelry, but I use stones that aren't cut. The cheap stuff, I guess they look like rock tumbled stones?
Navi a dit…
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