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A - Z : D = Denim

Ian Berry est un artiste qui crée à partir d'un tissu spécial, le denim.
Ian Berry is an artist who creates from a special fabric, denim.

Ayrton Senna, by Ian Berry
Ceci n'est pas une peinture, mais bien une oeuvre textile ! Ian Berry utilise des couches de petits morceaux de jean pour créer ses magnifiques tableaux.

This is not a painting, but textile art! Ian Berry uses shades of layered denim to create these beautiful patchworks.

Debby Harry

House Beautiful

House Beautiful, detail

Waiting for my Steve McQueens

Sleeping Alone

Behind Closed Doors

Behind Closed Doors, detail

Tom at the Roosevelt

Pour mieux voir son processus créatif, une vidéo :
To have a better look at his creative process, a video:

Ne jetez plus vos jeans usés, recyclez-les en quilts ;-)
Don't throw away your old jeans, recycle them into quilts ;)

Site :

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Tamara a dit…
Very cool - my kind of style! For some reason it makes me think of James Dean.

My D today is about democracy in Switzerland. Not nearly as fancy as blue jeans ;-) You'll get, however, to vote on something:
Wow! That's incredible! I would have never noticed they are not paintings...

The Multicolored Diary
JazzFeathers a dit…
Absolutely stunning! I never imagine this was even possible!

The Old Shelter - Living the Twenties
Good lord! Those are amazing. It never ceases to amaze me how artists can take the most every day thing and turn it into something stunning. Such talent is breathtaking.
Tasha 💖
Virginia's Parlour - The Manor (Adult concepts - nothing explicit in posts)
Tasha's Thinkings - Vampire Drabbles
Suzy a dit…
Wow these are fabulous. Some people are just so creative. Thanks for sharing - enjoying your series.

Suzy Someday Somewhere AtoZ
Amazing! To think, one day my old Levi's could become a work of art!

My A-Z tale!
Anne M Bray a dit…
Every day, amazing quilts! You know denim is a special fabric for me -- even if my A-Z denim is digital. I DID have to scan all the denims that I could find and put them into repeat. My first quilt started with patched denim jeans that were banned from school.
Here's another way that I'm using denim, weaving (it's still not finished. ARGH):
Nilanjana Bose a dit…
Good grief! this is just unbelievable! Look at that perspective on that floor, insane! and the light coming in at the opposite end! Speechless, really.
NotesinaBook a dit…
These are stunning!
Yes, I know your relationship with denim ;) Your weaving is looking good!
Sonia Dogra a dit…
I am awed. There's so much talent in the world. So many beautiful things people are doing. Thanks!
Chantal a dit…
I am flabbergasted! Too stunning for words. Like doing celebrities is so hard to do so they look like the celebrity in question but to make them in denim!! Beyond cool! Wish I could afford one of his work because I'm in love with this guy now. Look at the "Behind closed doors" one. That floor is amazing in itself but look on the left, the glass of the first picture reflects the pattern of the floor. Now that is mind-blowing. Masterpiece! Merci de partager. C'est incroyable même si j'ai vu de mes yeux. ;^)
Shared the denim artist video with the fam. I hope he knows how talented he is!
pascalinette a dit…
que c'est beau,j'admire
Kathe W. a dit…
wow- who would think! Amazing use of just denim. Thanks! This makes me look at my quilting scraps in a different way! Cheers!
Martha Reynolds a dit…
I love them all! Ces courtepointes sont exquises!
XmasDolly a dit…
Thank you so much for stopping by. Could you tell me where is the interpret for English button??? Couldn't find it. Love the pictures yep, and Blonde too! hahaha I love to look at peoples talents. Thank you for sharing and have a wonderful carefree and healthy day!
Liz A. a dit…
Wow, that's amazing.
Hi Mary, I don't get it: why an English Button? The video is in English, and I try to translate my blog in English too. Well maybe it's a complete fail?
Janet a dit…
Wow what a talent! That's some recycling at its finest!

Janet’s Smiles
James Pailly a dit…
Wow, it's incredible to see all that done with denim! Especially the rippling water effect in that last image. I work in more traditional art media, and that's an effect I have a really tough time pulling off.
Jade Li a dit…
Fascinating. It's twice as fabulous because of the subjects he chooses to do.
S. M. Saves a dit…
This is amazing. Going through all those pairs of jeans to find just the right shade of blue for a piece of work. Awe-inspiring! :O
Kim a dit…
Oh wow, I cannot believe all these most amazing pictures are made from denim. Why, they look like photographs. Ian Berry is a most incredible textile artist. I loved viewing the video, thank you.
The Dream Girl a dit…
Wooaah! This is so beautiful!
Must be hard with a fabric like denim!

Happy Blogging :)
D is for Death
Amazing! Love the shading techniques used.

An A-Z of Faerie: Duergar
Kristin a dit…
As everyone already said AMAZING! I did once make a couch cover from old jeans sewed together. Not even on the same planet as these. Finding Eliza
Laura a dit…
Wow! This is fantastic! Thanks for sharing this talented artist's works! Incredible! :)
sonia lal a dit…
Those pictures are made of denim? It's amazing.
pilch92 a dit…
Such beautiful art.
Zulu Delta a dit…
Beautiful Work! Zulu Delta
Frewin55 a dit…
Love it! Who knew there were so many shades of denim...Enjoying your theme and have added you to the list of Blogs I Like , Following and also a review on a Roundup over at my blog
Arti a dit…
Wow! such talent.
Trudy a dit…
Oh my goodness! I can't even imagine what it takes to create such art with denim. Amazing!
Cheryl Wright a dit…
Very interesting. Learned something new.