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A - Z : G = Garden / Jardin

Carol Armstrong est connue pour ces quilts représentant des jardins : oiseaux, fleurs.
Carol Armstrong is know for her garden quilts: flowers, birds.


Colorado Columbine, Hare Bells, and Violets

Pastel Garden

Six in Bloom

Feathered Stars

C'est un travail précis d'appliqué à la main. J'adore !
It’s a precise hand appliqué work. I love it!

Carol Armstrong

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  1. Beautiful. I love the lilacs. Such a pretty flower and colour too.

    Suzy Someday Somewhere Letter G

  2. Every time I read a post I'm always like "this is my FAVORITE!"... until the next post.
    But that lilac quilt is GORGEOUS!

    The Multicolored Diary

  3. WOW!! gobsmacked! I never knew quilting could be so delicate.
    Love them all.

  4. So so beautiful! Love the birds one. Such detailing it has.

  5. Amazing! I especially love the lilacs.

  6. In the Lilacs, it is almost impossible to see where the real flowers end and the applique/embroidered ones begin...!

  7. Ha, I thought you were going to take one of these quilts outside in the garden and take a nap ;-)

    My letter G is about how to greet each other in Switzerland and our infamous mountain pass / tunnel Gotthard:

  8. I love gardens and these captured in exquisite quilts are absolutely stunning. I also am enjoying revising my French. Good idea to be a bilingual blogger

  9. I love all of these quilts, but that first one--Lilacs--that one really appeals to me, for some reason.

  10. Amazing and beautiful hand work. Thanks for sharing all these beautiful works of art.

  11. These are so simple yet so intricate 😍😍

  12. Those are great. Garden seems to be a popular theme today.

  13. That is definitely precision applique. Another beautiful set of quilts. Weekends In Maine

  14. My lilacs are blooming!! Lovely lilac appliqued quilt and such talent!

  15. encore de beaux modèles,merci pour le partage

  16. Gorgeous! I especially like the first one.

    An A-Z of Faerie: Gancanagh

  17. Beautiful quilts - thanks for sharing!

  18. These are simply exquisite! I especially love the lilacs... I can almost smell their fragrance.

  19. I love the one called Unfurling a great deal. . ..

    1. MMMMmmmmmmm I may have put this comment on the wrong post . . . . That's what my brain does to me these days. . . . . DAMN.


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