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A - Z : O = Oya

Le quilt de Pat Holly, Turkish Treasures, a une bordure en dentelle Oya.
Pat Holly's quilt, Turkish Treasures, has Oya Needle Lace on its border.

Turkish Treasures

Ce quilt a gagné la 1ère place à Houston en 2017 dans la catégorie Appliqué Innovant. C'est un quilt magnifique par plusieurs aspects, mais la bordure attire particulière l'attention. Elle est faite en dentelle turque, Oya

This quilt won 1st Place at Houston 2017 in the Innovative Appliqué Category. It is an amazing quilt in all its aspects, but the border really caught the attention. It is made of Oya, a Turkish needle lace.

Turkish Treasures, Oya

Turkish Treasures, detail

Turkish Treasures, detail

Pat Holly et sa soeur Sue Nickels font aussi des quilts ensemble, à quatre mains.
Pat Holly and her sister Sue Nickels also make quilts together.

Pat Holly

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John Holton a dit…
Very nice work!
Jade Li a dit…
O.M.G. This is more than quilting. With that edge, that looks a lot like tiny crochet, and the 3D look around the trees, this artwork looks alive. Amazingly beautiful.
Suzy a dit…
Wow these are so intricate. So much talent everywhere.

Suzy Someday Somewhere Letter O
ladyleemanila a dit…
love the first quilt, so turkish! :)
Beth Lapin a dit…
Such beautiful detail.

Srivalli Rekha a dit…
Such tiny crocheting! The color are so vibrant and the pattern is wonderful. Simply beautiful.
Anne M Bray a dit…
Amazing detail work. Love the triangular edges.
Arti a dit…
I had no idea that there is a lace called oya. It's beautiful and Turkish Treasures is a delight to behold.
James Pailly a dit…
I think I've seen an edge like that before, but I had no idea there was a name for it. I learned something today!
Tamara a dit…
The one captured "Oya" looks like parts of it were crocheted. Creative and decorative as always!

Happy Friday!

My O is for opening hours and customer service in Switzerland:
vesseys a dit…
I love oya lace it is a beautiful accent.
Thank you for showing us the details of her lovely work.
The Letter O
These designs are far more formal than most we've see so far. Interesting!
And with beads to top it all off! So much to admire in this one.
Kathe W. a dit…
Such close attention to details....lovely lace! Thanks again for showing us all these talented artists!
That is a stunning quilt. So unique. Weekends In Maine
Cathy Kennedy a dit…
Frederique, now this is a detailed quilt! Oh my the time spent on this project!! Stay well, my dear!
Carrie-Anne a dit…
That's a beautiful quilt! The colors are so eye-popping.
Liz A. a dit…
Oh wow. That looks very intricate.
The Dream Girl a dit…
Oya... such a nice name!

O is for Opioids
XmasDolly a dit…
Hello! I'm playing our infamous A-Z to my choice was old movies if you're interested. I love your quilt you're showing here, but I bet it's really hard on the eyes, and the work is so intricate. I chose crocheting. I'm doing an infinity scarf for my daughter right now. She's a nurse in Missouri... I'm in Illinois. So proud of her. Well your quilt is absolutely beautiful I'd love to have one of those. Have a good weekend & Stay Healthy, Stay Safe & most of all STAY HOME! hugs
Dena Pawling a dit…
These are lovely!
Jai a dit…
Those are indeed amazing designs. I like the intricacy and some of them seem to be floral in nature. Simply lovely!
Pradeep Nair a dit…
A Turkish delight of intricate artistry!
I loved the lace detail.
Deborah Weber a dit…
I love oya. I have several scarves with the edging, but I've never seen a large work of art with it. It's wonderful. Such a gorgeous quilt - no wonder it was an award winner.
Kim a dit…
Each time I visit your lovely place I am astounded as to what unbelievable works of art you reveal to us. Turkish Treasures is an Aladdin's cave of jewels and treasure. There is so much amazing detail within the parameters of this quilt. I could look at this pretty forever. The border of Turkish lace is genius! Once again, thank you for opening our world to the gorgeousness that lies within the quilting world and the clever artistes.
Intricate design -- magnificent!

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