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A - Z : T = Taupe

La couleur taupe est caractéristique du travail de Yoko Saito.
The taupe color is characteristic of Yoko Saito’s work.

Taupe est une couleur brun foncé entre le brun et le gris. A l'origine, le mot fait référence à la couleur moyenne de ce petit mammifère.
Yoko Saito est à l'origine de la théorie des couleurs taupes japonaises. Les couleurs douces du paysage japonais dans une petite gamme de valeurs se combinent pour des résultats étonnants. Elle a remporté de nombreux prix pour ses quilts et sacs finement assemblés et appliqués, entièrement cousus main.

Taupe is a dark brown color between brown and gray. The word derives from the French noun taupe meaning "mole", and the name referred to the average color of this small mammal.
Yoko Saito went on to become the originator of the Japanese Taupe color theory. Soft colors of the Japanese landscape within a small value range combine for stunning results. She has won many awards for her intricately pieced and appliqued quilts and bags, all done by hand.

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Flower motif mini tapestry


Strawberry garden


Très très beau !
So so beautiful!

Yoko Saito

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  1. Her work is very calming to look at.

  2. Taupe is not something which I was familiar with.
    The first three designs are so nice!

  3. Oh these are beautiful. I love the houses and the colours are so soothing.

    Suzy Someday Somewhere Letter T

  4. Oh wow, all of those houses and landscapes! And such a lovely color scheme.

    The Multicolored Diary

  5. Such beautiful designs. I especially like the dragonfly one and the houses.
    Learnt about the origin of the word Taupe...cheers for that.

  6. I love this colour but had no idea where the name taupe came from. Thank you for sharing these beautiful quilts.

  7. I quite like the feel of taupe. Very calm and unassuming - probably great to match any piece of furniture, carpet, etc. in a home.

    My T is about our national hero Wilhelm Tell:

  8. Oh, my! These are so so beautiful. Those houses and the tiny details are amazing. Love them all. :D

  9. It's a very subtle color with valuable impacts. Thanks

  10. I like taupe. Such beautiful quilts. Thanks for hosting the linky party.

  11. They are beautiful and accentuates so nicely.

  12. I never really thought about where the word taupe came from. Once again, I learned something today!

  13. The subdued colours add their beauty. Delightful.

  14. beautiful artistry! I would not want to use these as rugs...

  15. Interesting pictures Frédérique. I have learnt about quilting on your blog as much as I have learnt in all my life.
    Amazing pictures buddy.
    Happy A2Zing.

  16. Interesting color choice. I'm fond of bright pops of color, but these are really calming.

  17. Wow! The first pic blew me!!

    T is for Test Results

  18. very beautiful - love the Pointsettia

  19. It must take a lot of work to make something so uniform in color have so much depth and detail. Weekends In Maine

  20. These are gaze worthy. Hanging on a wall, I'd get caught staring at all the little details.

  21. That first one is absolutely gorgeous! Plus I love the handbag.

  22. j'aime beaucoup son travail,j'ai acheté plusieurs de ces livres

  23. There’s something so subtle and stunning with these quilts .

  24. Those are beautiful. I love the understated colour. I associate quilts with vibrant colour but these are so different. What a talent.

  25. There's definitely something calming in the patterns and colors of these quilts.

  26. I have never heard of this colour befour, but I really like it. The quilts with the 'cities' are so beautiful.

    The Old Shelter - Living the Twenties

  27. It's beautiful work. I must say, though, I prefer more color. As pretty as these quilts are, they are like white noise for my eyes. I liked the one with dark chocolate browns, and the one below it with a decent balance of blue best.

  28. j'apprécie toujours mais je n'achète plus ces tissus.. cela reviendra peut-être...


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