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Quilt Improv + Patchwork & Quilts #175 📌

Bonjour, et bienvenue ici !
Hi, welcome here!


Ouiiiiiiiii, le dos du quilt est - presque - terminé !! Les deux dernières coutures ont été faites en début de semaine, il ne reste vraiment plus qu'à vérifier que les dimensions soient adaptées au devant du quilt pour François, Patio.

Yes!! (can you see my happy dance?💃) the back of the quilt is - almost - finished! The last two seams were done at the beginning of the week, so all that's left is to check that the dimensions are right for the top of the quilt for François, Patio.


Dans un souci écologique, et de réduction de l'empreinte carbone de mon blog, j'ai changé quelques paramètres cette semaine. Tout d'abord un fond moins blanc. Plus exactement, gris, pour éviter que les pixels ne s'allument tous pour rien. C'est un compromis avec le mode sombre que je trouve trop brutal, l'écriture blanche sur fond noir n'est pas adaptée à mes yeux 😵.

In the interests of the environment, and to reduce my blog's carbon footprint, I've changed a few settings this week. First of all, a less white background. More precisely, gray, to prevent the pixels from all lighting up for nothing. It's a compromise with the dark mode, which I find too painful, white writing on a black background just doesn't suit my eyes 😵.
Et je teste également un nouveau format pour les images, toujours dans le but de réduire le temps de chargement, et la consommation. Le format WebP est plus léger que les formats JPG (ou JPEG), PNG ou GIF, il offre une compression avec ou sans perte, et réduit significativement le poids des fichiers image (Hostinger). Ce format est pris en charge de manière native par les navigateurs web les plus utilisés, comme Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Microsoft Edge ou encore Opera. Plus récemment, Safari a finalement aussi ajouté la prise en charge de WebP.

And I'm also testing a new format for images, again with the aim of reducing loading times and power consumption. The WebP format is lighter than JPG (or JPEG), PNG or GIF, offers lossy or lossless compression, and significantly reduces the size of image files (Hostinger). This format is natively supported by the most popular web browsers, such as Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Opera. More recently, Safari has finally added WebP support as well.
Que pensez-vous de ces changements ici, 
avez-vous des difficultés à lire mon texte, ou voir l'image "WebP" ci-dessus ?

What do you think of the changes here,
Are you having trouble reading my text or viewing the "WebP" image above?


Stats de la semaine :
🎯 Mon objectif est de coudre au moins 15 minutes, trois fois par semaine.
Je suis la ligne directrice de Kate qui organise "Stitching Stuff", mais je l'adapte à mon rythme de travail et mon temps de loisirs. 
Merci Kate pour la motivation, une fois assise devant ma machine ces 15 minutes se prolongent souvent, et peuvent même se transforment en heures !

Numbers for the week:
🎯 My goal is to sew for at least 15 minutes, three times a week
I follow Kate's guidelines, who's hosting "Stitching Stuff", but I adapt it to my work pace and leisure time. 
Thank you Kate for the motivation, once I sit in front of my machine those 15 minutes often extend, and sometimes turn into hours!
🠞 Cette semaine 40, période du samedi 30 septembre au vendredi 6 octobre, je n'ai pas atteint mon objectif, mais il y a du progrès ! 😋

🠞 This week #40, from Saturday, September 30 to Friday, October 6, I haven't reached my goal, but I'm making progress! 😋

🎯 3/7 jours / days :

📆 Semaine / Week #40 ❌ (1/7) 
📅 Semaines en octobre / Weeks in October : 0/1
📊 Semaines en 2023 / Weeks in 2023 : 29/40
Pourcentage / Rate : 73% ⏬


À votre tour !
Your turn!

Bienvenue à Patchwork & Quilts
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  1. This is the first I've heard of WebP. I'm with you on the dark pages. This softer lighting works for me. Congratulations on the forward movement with the quilt for Francois.

  2. The quilt looks amazing! Love the color you chose. About the blog, I love this grey background. I think that's really great idea.

  3. Yay! The quilt is almost done. I hadn't considered the carbon footprints of blogs, but that makes sense. I'm with you on the white writing on dark background. The gray is nice. I think it's easier on the eyes, actually.

  4. Très beau travail ...
    Pour ta page elle est parfaite pour moi

  5. The quilt for Francois is amazing! This discussion of blog post settings and their impact on the environment is new to me; I need time to think about it. My initial reaction is that the devices and settings of the end user reading your blog do more to determine energy consumption than anything the blogger could do or not do. For instance, even if you are writing in black text against a white background, someone reading your blog on a Mac computer, iPhone or iPad can have their device set to Dark Mode so it will display everything they are reading, including your blog post, as white text against a black background to conserve energy. Readers can dim the brightness of their screens in Settings to reduce power consumption, making all white backgrounds appear kind of gray, and of course anyone who is reading your blog on a small phone screen will consume less energy displaying text and photos than someone who is reading your blog on a large desktop monitors. As for the web-P photo, the main thing I notice is that it is smaller and the resolution is not as sharp. Is that a limitation of the web-P format or something that can be adjusted? I love being able to see and read about the quilts you are making on the other side of the world from me. Just think of all of the energy we are already saving when you share your work with us on your blog so we don't have to drive to the airport, get on a plane, fly across the Atlantic Ocean, then take a taxi from the airport to get on a bus or a train to take us to your home where we show up on your doorstep exhausted and jet-lagged, demanding to be shown quilts (and fed breakfast). ;-)

    1. Thank you Rebecca for your comment, and for opening the discussion!
      I agree with you about the possible actions readers can take on their own. I also think that bloggers have a contribution to make in reducing page load times, especially with lightweight image formats. The small webp image I used isn't a good example because I reduced it to the extreme, and it lost a lot of quality. However, this format is advertised as combining and enhancing the best qualities of JPEG and PNG formats by offering advanced compression with and - above all - without loss. I don't see the point of losing quality detail on quilt photos, since our blogs are essentially about showing off our quilts :-)
      That said, you're very welcome to come and visit, my door is open, and croissants and coffee will be provided ;-))

  6. Bonjour Frédérique, le dos du quilt de François est superbe! Merci pour l'information au sujet de WebP. J'ai lu l'article. Il y a une couple de bloggeurs qui utilisent ce format car je sauvegarde les photos pour les afficher sur Free Motion Mavericks. Je devrai faire plus de recherche pour voir comment ça pourrait fonctionner dans mon processus (photos prisent sur mon téléphone, retouches avec Resize Me et ensuite envoie par courriel pour qu'ils puissent être utilisées dans mon blog). Merci encore et bonne chance avec tes cours.

  7. Ce changement,ces pixels et toutes ces lettres ne me disent vraiment pas grand-chose, 😉 pour moi ta page est comme d'habitude 😀 L'ouvrage avance peu à peu 🤗 compliqué parfois de tout faire!
    Gros bisous et bonne semaine

  8. Moi cela me va bien ce fond grisâtre, et je vois bien la photo.
    Alors bientôt le fin de cette couverture?
    Bonne fin de semaine.


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