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Ajout #32 / 2023 Challenges

Voici des challenges ou concours qui viennent tout juste de commencer, ou qui vont bientôt débuter :
Here are some challenges or contests that have just begun, or will start soon:
QAL Callithump / Kaye Collins => Oct 26

QAL Tahoe / Laundry Basket Quilts 💲=> Oct 30
BOW Double Irish Stars / Piecing the Past Quilts => Nov 6
QAL Crooked Christmas Tree / Jittery Wings Quilt 💲 => Nov 4

Retrouvez tous les projets 2023, ICI.
Check out all the 2023 projects, HERE.

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Join me from Saturday to Wednesday for the Patchwork & Quilts link party 👀


Nann a dit…
Merci pour les links! So many quiltalongs to tempt us.
Anonyme a dit…
thank you for listing these... I'm interested in a couple and challenges/SAL are fun to me