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J'aime / Things I like 💖 02/21

AprĂšs la liste du mardi, celle du jeudi !
After Tuesday's list, Thursday's list!

Le mois dernier dans ma 1Úre liste de gratitude, j'avais parlé de l'exercice des "3 kifs": prendre 5 minutes par jour et écrire 3 moments que j'ai apprécié dans ma journée.

Last month, for my 1st gratitude list, I had talked about the "3 kifs" exercise: take 5 minutes a day and write down 3 moments that I enjoyed in my day. 
Eh bien ce n'est pas si facile que ça ! Il y a eu plusieurs jours oĂč je n'ai rien su Ă©crire. Je me doutais bien que l'exercice serait difficile, c'est pour ça que je ne fais qu'un article par mois 😉.
En reprenant mes notes, voici ce que j'ai aimé en janvier et que j'aimerais partager avec vous.

Well it's not that easy! There were several days when I couldn't write anything. I knew it was going to be difficult, that's why I only do one post per month đŸ˜‰.
Looking back over my notes, here's what I liked about January and what I would like to share with you.


💗 Marcher / Walking
Je vais au travail Ă  pied, un trajet de 20 minutes environ, en passant par les petites rues de la ville plus ou moins boisĂ©es. Pas toujours le mĂȘme chemin, j'ai le choix entre 5 trajets diffĂ©rents, trĂšs proches en temps.
J'aime ce moment d'exercice physique, mais aussi de mĂ©ditation, ou de rĂ©flexion. 

I go to work on foot, a journey of about 20 minutes, through the small streets of the city more or less wooded. Not always the same way, I have the choice between 5 different routes, very close in time.
I like this moment of physical exercise, but also of meditation or reflection.

💗 Vaccin / Vaccine
C'est un peu l'actualité du moment ! Je suis trÚs heureuse que nos parents aient pu se faire vacciner. L'avantage d'habiter dans des départements peuplés, c'est qu'il y a plus de doses disponibles que chez nous.

It's a bit the news of the moment! I am very happy that our parents were able to get vaccinated. The advantage of living in populated departments is that there are more doses available than we have here.

💗 Formation / Course
Mardi j'animais une formation sur l'analyse de pratiques professionnelles, et ça c'est super bien passé. C'est un sujet qui me tient à coeur, et les participants ont posé plein de questions intéressantes. J'étais trÚs contente ! J'en parle parce que je l'ai évoqué dans mon article de ma to-do liste de la semaine, mais rassurez-vous, je ne raconterais pas toutes les formations que je fais (c'est un peu mon métier !).

On Tuesday I was leading a training session on the analysis of professional practices, and it went really well. It's a subject that is close to my heart, and the participants asked a lot of interesting questions. I was very happy! I'm talking about it because I mentioned it in my to-do list post of the week, but don't worry, I won't talk about all the training I do (it's kind of my job!).

💗 RĂ©confort / Comfort
Et aprÚs cette formation, pour me remettre de mon stress (beaucoup de participants, et une fonction de représentation du pÎle de développement professionnel territorial), ma collÚgue a partagé avec moi un thé bien chaud et une petite douceur.

And after this training, to recover from my stress (a lot of participants, and a function of representation of the pole of territorial professional development), my colleague shared with me a hot tea and a little sweetness.
💗 Amis blogueurs / Blogger friends
Merci Ă  toutes et tous qui me lisez, et commentez, je suis souvent en retard pour rĂ©pondre, mais je les lis chaque soir, et c'est mon baume au coeur 😘

Thanks to everyone who reads me, and comments, I am often late to answer, but I read them every night, and it is my balm to the heart đŸ˜˜

Et vous, de quoi ĂȘtes-vous reconnaissants aujourd'hui ?
What are you thankful for today?

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  1. What a lovely post to begin my day with, so much gratitude here. I'm glad you had that spot of tea and sweetness after training (it sounds complicated). Thank you for sharing this today!

  2. walking is like meditation, plus nature. We don't have enough vaccine either. Your link is now added in the party... if you have a regular day I can try to remember when you will do your post. There are other once a month bloggers... Thanks lots Fred and I'm glad you're keeping that journal of goodness.... love, LeeAnna

  3. Hummm I may have to add this to my day book of notes. I try to keep track of things... more or less in it. Like the number of eggs from the chickens, meals, and chores that I accomplished and sometimes what I did in the Creative Space. But I could add some things I am grateful for, too. A walk to work would be nice... oh wait, I don't go to work anymore, but my whole day is spent working anyway!!!

  4. I love walking every day, too. Good to get outside and breathe the air! More and more people are getting vaccinated here - it's a relief when we know our parents are protected. So glad your training went well! Happy Thursday!

  5. So glad your parents are vaccinated! My mom is eligible, but vaccines are hard to find.


  6. Hi Frederique! I'm so glad you are able to join in with all that your thankful for. I'm SO glad to hear your parents were able to get the vaccination. So glad to hear your training went well - you were nervous about it and the size of the crowd, I believe. I want to get into the habit of walking 20 minutes each day. It's so good for you and it makes you feel fabulous. Happy Thursday! ~smile~ Roseanne

  7. Great things to be thankful for. I like to walk when the sky is blue outside, the gray days I want to hibernate. My dad got his vaccination through the veterans affairs hospital. My mom is in wait mode.

  8. Love to read you today. I'm so thankful to have baked 2 sorts of bread together with my husband today. They both tasted wonderful.

  9. I do a three things I'm grateful for every time I brush my teeth. It's a good exercise to practice.

  10. Merci pour votre joli blog. J'adore vous lire, vous semblez ĂȘtre une personne trĂšs attachante. C'est vrai, que l'on prend trop rarement le temps de vous rĂ©pondre... Belle journĂ©e 😍

  11. A great gratitude list.
    I love walking, too.

  12. I am so glad that your parents were able to receive the vaccine.
    That is great you have so many options for walking to work. It is always nice to have variety.

  13. Excellent listifying*
    The 'exercise' of the TToT was developed by Lizzi, now many years ago, but it is the community that has developed (waxing and waning and waxing, again) that makes all the difference in the world.
    v cool with the bilingual Grat list.
    Passe une bonne semaine**

    * not a 'real' word
    ** please blame good translate, if this is me writing, 'Have seven trout for dinner' ;]

  14. I'm so pleased that you are back with us for another Ten Things of Thankful post! I keep a list in the notes section of my phone of thankfuls, because I never can think of anything when it's time to write the post without it! Glad your parents got vaccinated. My dad and my in-laws have all gotten the first shot, as has my husband. I'm "too healthy" to get mine yet. Sigh.

  15. Lovely list and I like the idea of threes.


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