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En juin / June One Monthly Goal 🎯

Mon objectif du mois : quilter Huahine, le Modern Bargello.
My monthly goal for June: quilt Huahine, the Modern Bargello quilt.

Je l'ai mis de cÎté depuis un moment, depuis novembre 2020, il est temps de m'en occuper !

I've been putting it aside for a while, since November 2020, it's time to get to it!

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  1. Have fun, Frédérique, quilting this fun quilt. It deserves to be in use.

  2. I believe this is the quilt that drew me to your blog, if I recall correctly. I will enjoy seeing how you finish this!

    1. đŸ„° thank you Wendy, I have some ideas, but need to think about them a little more ;)

  3. I like that quilt. Good luck in completing.


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