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B = Button / Boutons 🔘 #AtoZchallenge 2021[Quilt]

Challenge de A Ă  Z 2021 et #AtoZchallenge2021Quilt : la lettre B
#AtoZchallenge2021 and #AtoZchallenge2021Quilt: letter B

Chaque jour pendant tout le mois d'avril sauf les dimanches, je poste un article commençant par chacune des lettres de l'alphabet. Cette annĂ©e mon thĂšme est, dans l'univers du textile, le recyclage, la rĂ©utilisation et la valorisation. Plein de bonnes idĂ©es de bricolage facile !
Et vous aussi vous pouvez jouer ! Voir en bas de l'article :
Link party

Every day during the whole month of April except Sundays, I write a post starting with each letter of the alphabet. This year my theme is, in the textile universe, about upcycling, recycling and repurposingLots of good easy DIY ideas!
And you can play too! See below.

B comme boutons. 
Que faire de vos boutons dĂ©pareillĂ©s, et peut-ĂȘtre un peu moches ?
Voici quelques idées de recyclage (cliquez sur le liens pour voir les tutoriels) :

B is for buttons. 
What to do with your mismatched, and perhaps, ugly buttons?
Here are some ideas for recycling (click on the links to see the tutorials):

Recouvrir des boutons, c'est tout simple avec ce tuto.
Covering buttons, it's easy with this tutorial.
Des boutons recouverts, pour en faire des bijoux : boucles d'oreilles
Covering buttons, to make jewelry: earrings

ou bracelet.
or bracelet.

Et pourquoi pas un calendrier ?
And why not a calendar?

Avec de jolis boutons et de la feutrine, faire des bouquets pour la maison.
With pretty buttons and felt, make bouquets for the house.

Lisa Jordan
et pour la mariée ! Plein de belles créations sur ce Flikr.
and for the bride! Lots of beautiful creations on this Flikr.


A vous de jouer !
It's your turn to play!

Montrez ici vos rĂ©alisations textiles qui commencent par un B : ça peut ĂȘtre le nom d'un quilt, d'un bloc, d'une technique, d'un accessoire de couture, d'un point de broderie, d'un objet fait avec du tissu, tout ce qui a un lien avec l'art textile !

Show here your textile creations that start with a B: it can be the name of a quilt, a block, a technique, a sewing accessory, an embroidery stitch, an object made with fabric, anything related to textile art!

Quelles sont les rĂšgles du jeu
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How to add a link
The prize to win @FatQuarterShop

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  1. I love the bridal buttons! :) And the bracelet too. It looks like a lot of work to make, but also very unique...

    The Multicolored Diary

  2. I don't knit, but mismatched buttons is something that I have faced. Nice tips out here, Frederique.

    1. My wife is a knitter, and she will buy buttons for some of her projects, usually from an Etsy merchant.

  3. Marie-Françoise de Lille2 avril 2021 à 09:31

    J'aime beaucoup les boutons et en ajoute parfois sur certains patchs.
    Je vais visiter les liens.

    Désolée, ma photo fait des caprices et ne s'affiche pas droite!!!!

  4. Every button creation here had me going ooh! nice.
    Your posts are lovely eye candy Frederique, thank you:)

  5. Such cuties! Love the button flower bouquet. Your blogs are delight to read. Thank you for posting these. :)

  6. Good Morning! I have got the button! Colorful photos and interesting links. Thank you for sharing and hosting ... :) Pat

  7. I'll never throw a button away again! What great ideas.

  8. The Button Calendar is very cute!
    Art work:

  9. That quilted calendar is adorable. I collect buttons and always enjoy button crafts and art. I also enjoyed reading your post in both French and English. Fun post. Glad I found you through the A to Z Challenge.

  10. Charming post. I'm definitely a button lover, and I often change the buttons on purchased clothing to ones that are less generic and more eclectic and suit my aesthetic. I've made a lot of jewelry over the years using buttons, and have a special love for moonglows and bakelite.

  11. J'adore votre idée. J'adore réutiliser des boutons. C'est la premiÚre fois que j'ai vu un blog en français dans ce défi et j'en suis trÚs contente.

  12. That calendar and felt flowers are adorable! I have a box of buttons that were my mother's and her mother-in-law's. I haven't looked through it in many years. Guess I ought!

  13. My grandmother kept a tin box filled with mis-matched buttons and I loved playing with those! Loved this post, and the wonderful examples of how to re-use buttons.

  14. Someone I know on Etsy has an antique buttons shop. She repurposes some of them into interesting jewelry and such.

  15. je les utilise aussi comme pions pour les jeux de société !

  16. The button calendar is so pretty. I love using buttons in my crafts. They are so versatile. Weekends In Maine

  17. Really brings whatever the item is into 3D. Lots of fun fabric button ideas.

  18. So creative! I'm tempted to try to make them for the bracelet. Thanks for visiting Buttercupland and Happy Easter!

  19. I especially like the calendar.

  20. What a delightful theme. And buttons..... it seems a long while since I aw a button. Sadly everyone these days has replaced buttons with zips and other kinds of fastenings. I used to have a collection of odd buttons... Let me look for it and try some of your wonderful ideas for upcycling.

  21. I love buttons. Sometimes I am tempted to purchase some cute ones just because they look so nice. But then I have to restrain myself and admit that most likely they'd just gather dust in some box in a drawer. It's great to see them come to life on your blog!

  22. I have so many buttons floating around, some I got when my mom and dad passed. I think I might try the bracelet when all this is over as it looks amazing. Thank you for this post and the ideas.

  23. Great ideas. I have a lot of buttons. I featured some of my button art on Thursday. :)

  24. I have a huge collection of buttons, and I use them in my scrapbooking and card making.

  25. I decorated all the tables at my wedding with fabric flowers and buttons. Even put one in my hair.

  26. Buttons go beyond clothing. It's neat to see how others use buttons in creative DIY and art projects. You showcased some pretty ones, too.

    Curious as a Cathy's Looney Tunes A-Z Bugs Bunny Art Sketch. Happy A2Zing!


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